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VideoFreedom Professional (Interact)

Introducing Video Freedom Pro.

You’re going to love making high-class, amazing cinematic videos at the drop of a hat.

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The Only Way To Stop Your Videos Getting Lost In The Crowd -
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“Consumers Are Expecting More Than Just Ordinary Videos Now
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Getting your prospects & customers to "interact" with your videos is essential to stand out from the competition.

Pro features will not only make your videos engage more, get tons more attention and convert better.

They’ll do that for your customers too.

And you can charge them top dollar for the privilege.

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Video Freedom's Interact Features include guru-level video marketing features - some not available in any other video softwares. (And certainly not all together!)

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To help get you even BETTER results, CONVERSIONS and PROFITS with your videos in MUCH LESS TIME…

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Video Freedom PRO Brings You Full Access To:

YES! Your Commercial Licence Automatically Extends To All These Pro Features!

5 Pro Ways To Increase Your Results

(And Profits) With Your Videos:

Stand Out With Some Of The Best Video Marketers On The Planet With These
Next-Generation Interactive Features Automatically Unlocked With Pro


Get More Eyes On Your Videos Faster With Attention-Grabbing Video Wraps:

Make Eye Popping, Engagement Exploding, Wrapped Video Freedom Videos With Just A Few Clicks. Eye-Catching Wrapped Video Freedom Videos Like THIS:

Wrapped Videos Get You Unrivalled Attention - And Are Perfect For Standing Out From Your Competition In Every Niche:


And With Over 100+ Ready-To-Go Wrapped Video Templates Like This Included As Standard:

- You’ll Be Instantly Ready To:

Wrapped Videos are proven to skyrocket your engagement. Video Wraps make more people, see more of your videos, more of the time...As well as make viewers stick around and buy more - making your brand and your marketing campaign much more memorable.EVERYTIME.

Now you're wrapping your Video Freedom videos, your videos are getting so much more attention, your click-through rates have gone through the roof. Niches which seemed far too expensive before for ads, have now opened up and that means more ways to profit. Spin up a wrapped Video Freedom campaign in mere minutes with this next-level upgrade and easily double your conversions.

Value: Instant Video Wrapper UNLOCKED = $197
Value: 100+ Premium WRAPPER Templates = $297


Get More People To Take Action More Often With Cool CTAs, Clickable Buttons Lower Thirds And More:

With your Pro Library of clickable CTAS, buttons, lower thirds, integrated optin forms, extra animations, images and so much more - you will NEVER be short of your perfect interactive tool for the video you are working on.

Your clients will thank you and return to you again and again as soon as they see the increase in conversions your powerful pro interaction technologies are giving them.

Whilst others sit wondering why their boring videos aren’t converting - with this pro upgrade, you’ll never have that problem ever again.

Value: Interactive Video Technology Suite UNLOCKED = $397


1 Million+ HD Stock Image Integration + 1,500+ Stock Audios - Instantly:

Now your videos are getting more attention and your clients are asking for more and more videos - it’s time to make more engagement-boosting videos faster.

With over 1,000,000+ premium HD stock images and 1,500+ high quality audio files, instantly integrated to your Video Freedom dashboard, you’ll never need to buy an expensive stock image ($6 - $99 EACH image!) or audio ($5 - $89 EACH audio) ever again.

You’ll always have the perfect sound or image to create your perfect style and atmosphere of video and make viewers crave your product or opportunity.

Value: 1 Million+ HD Stock Image Integration + 1,500+ Stock Audios = $97


Lock Your Best Video Content MID-VIDEO And Legally Blackmail Viewers To Take Action To Unlock:

With our ground-breaking ‘Ultra Lock’ technology, you will be able to get more viewers to sign up more often.

Our sophisticated lock mechanism stops the video from playing and convinces visitors to take immediate action before the video resumes again.

It’s THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to build a massive email list with your videos and drive traffic to any offer on demand! (And when you add this feature to your client’s videos, you can be sure they will be clamouring over themselves to instantly upgrade your fee!)

Value: ‘Ultra Lock’ Next-Generation Technology UNLOCKED = $67


Send Your Videos To The Masses With One Click

One-Click Social Syndication Enables You To Share Your Next Level Interactive Video Freedom Videos With The Masses With Just One Click.

Now you’ve got attention-grabbing, high converting videos - all you need to do is share them to the masses. Video Freedom Pro is going to save you time and effort by letting you share your videos to all your social and video platforms with just one single click. Meaning you get your videos out faster, to more people, in less time.

And remember, your commercial rights automatically extend to these Pro features, so you will be able to manage your client’s social media video content AND charge them a recurring fee for the privilege.

Seamlessly integrates with:

Value: Single-Click Social Sharing UNLOCKED = $147

Make More, Sell More, Profit More - Your Commercial Rights Automatically Extend To All Your Pro Features

Video Freedom Pro automatically includes commercial rights to all these Pro-level features - making this upgrade a powerful investment to your business.

Not only will you be able to make more interactive, more engaging, higher converting videos for yourself -

You’ll be able to charge premium rates, offer more services to existing clients, and sign up MORE new clients with Pro access.

Many of our Video Freedom users are easily making 4 figures per Video Freedom video campaign they are making for clients with these pro features. (Compared to 3 figures without).

Building their businesses and their bank balances FAST.

As a Pro user - you are instantly getting your unfair advantage, not just over other video marketers -

But over other Video Freedom users as well. Putting you straight to the front of the pack.

All These Cutting Edge Video Technologies
Would Easily Cost Over $1202 On Their Own.

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Get Your Unfair Advantage On Your Competitors When You Go Pro NOW:

$1202 Now Just:

VideoFreedom Professional (Interact)

You already know that by adding these features you’re going to not only get better results -

But be able to charge your clients WAY more.

(You can even charge an upgrade fee for each pro feature you give your client!)

In just one video made - you will easily be able to pay for your Pro upgrade today.

In fact, these features pay for themselves.

Risk Free Access

Of course, Video Freedom Pro comes with a 14 day money back guarantee as standard - so it’s zero risk to you.

Get started now and make the most of all these Pro features - and the leveled up videos they’ll instantly give you, for a full 14 days - try, use and profit from whatever you like -

With absolutely no risk. And no commitment required.

We’re confident you’ll instantly feel the benefit of these pro features - both in the quality of your videos and the money in your pocket.

But in the highly unlikely event you’re not thrilled with your extra income, just let us know and we’ll return all of your small investment right away.

Act Now Because You’ll Only See This Offer Once.

Honest warning: this is the lowest price Video Freedom Pro will ever be offered to he noise -

GRAB EVERY EYE - Encourage every viewer to TAKE ACTION.

And STAND OUT, CONVERT and POP EVERY TIME. So you can get better results from your own video marketing -

And charge your clients way more for your videos.

Buy upgrading to Pro today, for just a small one-time amount - you’re putting yourself at the head of the pack.

Video Freedom Pro gives you an instant advantage over all other video marketers, maximizing your results and your profits for years to come.

You already know that interactive video is dominating video marketing and you’re choosing to put the latest technology on your side right from the get go.

So get your only chance to go Pro now for a ONE-TIME price as the cost will jump to a monthly subscription anywhere other than this page.

Recap Of All Features You’re
Instantly Getting When You Go Pro Right Now:

YES! Your Commercial Licence Automatically Extends To All These Pro Features!

Everyone Will Think You’re A Guru -
You Never Have To Tell Them You Just Use Video Freedom Pro.

Get Your Unfair Advantage On Your Competitors And Charge More For Every Video When You Go Pro NOW:

$1202 Now Just:

VideoFreedom Professional (Interact)

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