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Explore Hundreds Of Professional Templates

With Video Freedom Premium you get 100's of featured templates that are not available in the basic version of Video Freedom.

We’ve spent $50000 in designer fees to produce these high quality featured templates.

So, we have kept it only for special motivated buyers who can pay a premium price for these next generation templates.

Each and every template has been tested by our team mates and our designed to get higher conversions, engagements and results.

Keep your videos fresh, with brand new animations every single month

To add cherry on top of the cake, we’ll be adding 35+ new templates every month for a year to ensure that you stay on top of the trend.

In today’s generation to be at the top of the business you need to ensure that you move with the trend. And for that we’ve got you covered.

And for that we’ve got you covered. With the purchase of the Video Freedom premium you’ll always stay up to date with the trending templates and will always be able to create videos that are trending now, and are not the thing of the past.

Grow as fast and as big as you can with unrestricted renders

Standard members get 30 video renders per month, but Premium members need MUCH more. So we won’t penalise you for your success by charging you more as you scale

In fact, we’ll help you every step of the way with full creative freedom. So, if you need 200 video renders a month you’ve got it. No render limitations

Huge productivity boost with multi-rendering processing

No-one’s got time to be waiting around for single renders in 2020. Video Freedom Premium lets you render 10 videos at a time. Plus, you can queue and schedule renders, then get on with business.

This takes huge amount of processing power , that's why we only offer this service to premium users, so we suggest you take full advantage of this and grow fat with power!

Achieve unrestricted growth with Teams

One of the most important features you get as an premium member is the ability to create teams.

Because teams are the secret to unrestricted growth, letting you overcome time constraints to double, triple or even quadruple your Video Freedom animation output without missing a beat.

Unlimited Groups and Palettes

Standard Video Freedom users cant’t create 10 separate projects requiring consistent branding across multiple videos... but as an premium user the chances are you will be able to .

Create one click templates saving you and your entire team a tremendous amount of time whenever you need a repeating element like a logo, colors scheme, or animation.

1-click Watermarking

We all trust our clients, but everyone needs to protect their creative work – especially agency users who are outputting considerably more work than a standard user.

Video Freedom Premium lets you place a Watermark anywhere you like and protect your work in one-click, so you can grow your business with confidence.

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Accelerate Your Growth With The Powerful Features Packed Into This Premium Upgrade!:

$1202 Now Just:

VideoFreedom Premium

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We’re confident you’ll instantly feel the benefit of these premium features - both in the quality of your videos and the money in your pocket.

But in the highly unlikely event you’re not thrilled with your extra income, just let us know and we’ll return all of your small investment right away.

Recap Of All Features You’re
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YES! Your Commercial Licence Automatically Extends To All These Premium Features!

Accelerate Your Growth With The Powerful Features Packed Into This Premium Upgrade!:

$1202 Now Just:

VideoFreedom Premium

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